Meet Carrie Olson

Dr. Carrie A. Olson has dedicated her life to public education. After teaching for almost 33 years in DPS elementary, middle, and high schools before being elected to the DPS board, she now works as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver in the Teacher Education Program mentoring apprentice teachers. She is the proud parent of a George Washington High School graduate who attended DPS schools K-12. 

In 2017, Dr. Olson became the first career DPS teacher to win an election to the Board and in 2019 was elected Board President. She ran for office because the Board was in need of a classroom perspective. She has led the Board as president guided by the values she learned from 33 years in the classroom: “a love for students and recognition that we must listen to them and act on what we learn from their insights.” She continues to dedicate herself to learning new things, engaging in professional development, and reading in an effort to constantly become a stronger representative of those she serves.