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"I am proud to endorse Carrie Olson for her reelection to the Denver School Board District 3. Dr. Carrie Olson’s entire life has been about public education. As an educator for over three decades and a parent of a DPS graduate, she knows first-hand most important factor in successful outcomes for all our students is what happens in the classroom. Her strong commitment to DPS displays how she will continue to use her experience and relationships to tackle the pressing issues our students are currently facing in Denver Public Schools."

State Senator-Chris Hansen

District 31

"I support Dr. Carrie Olson because she is an experienced leader who will put our kids' needs first. During this critical time in DPS, her calm, steady demeanor and ability to build consensus between the Board, DPS leadership, and community is exactly what our students and community need. Dr. Olson has also worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety and health of both students and teachers. "

Councilwoman-Amanda Sawyer

Denver City Council

District 5


"Dr. Carrie Olson's decades-long devotion to Denver's schools is a testimony to her commitment to quality education. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Olson to more closely to involve the surrounding community when development was proposed on a school site in near southeast Denver. She is a clear thinker with solid values. I am pleased to endorse her for re-election"

Councilman-Paul Kashmann

Denver City Council

District 6

"Dr. Olson has led the Board during some very difficult times and navigated many challenges. She has been fair, open-minded and level-headed while prioritizing Denver's students. I admire her intellect, leadership and unique perspective and whole-heartedly support her reelection."

Councilwoman-Kendra Black

Denver City Council

District 4

Kendra-Black (2).jpg

"I’m supporting Carrie because she knows public education and DPS. She knows what’s best for our district’s students, and she maintains her focus on students and their teachers. Carrie is open to listening to everyone about solving our school district’s challenges. She honors the diversity in Denver, as I do, and is committed to equitable practices for all, as well as ensuring that DPS students have the resources and support they need to learn and succeed."

Chris Hinds
Denver City Councilmember


"I support Dr. Olson because of her steadfast commitment to students and to this district...Dr. Olson is the leadership we need as we transition from a pre-to post COVID. The next few years will be critical as we welcome a new superintendent and accelerate learning, building relationships and finding best practice across our landscape to support students and families. "

Colorado State Representative- Jennifer Bacon

Denver Public Schools Board of Education Vice President

"Carrie is inclusive and respectful of different opinions and works to find principled solutions to the challenges facing DPS. Carrie’s perspective as a teacher, and her leadership as board president, have been invaluable to the board. I have deep respect for Carrie."

Dr. Barbara O'Brien

At-Large School Board Director,

Denver Public Schools


“I have worked alongside Carrie  for four years and can attest to her steadfast leadership, integrity, and commitment to multilingual and newcomer students who need her advocacy for another four years. I trust her classroom experience and believe we need Carrie at the helm of the Denver Public Schools board.” 

Director Angela Cobián

Treasurer of Denver Public Schools Board of Education

"I strongly support Dr. Carrie Olson for re-election to the Denver School Board. From the time she joined the board, I was impressed with her passion for great education for all students.  She seemed to be everywhere cheering for and encouraging students throughout the district. Both students and teachers know they can depend on Dr. Olson’s presence and full engagement in activities that promote student achievement and advancement. 


As board president, Dr. Olson has lead her colleagues with professionalism and grace. We need her experience and steady leadership for the new board of directors for the next 4 years. I am thankful that she is running for re-election."

Dr. Joyce Brooks

Olson Endorsement Joyce Brooks.jpeg

"Dr. Olson has demonstrated that her experience as a successful long-term DPS teacher is the fundamental requirement needed for an effective Denver School Board President."

Director Visuospatial Education Center (VEC)

Dr. Theresa Ferg

AAFB72F1-D63C-4FBB-A2F0-1EC5694D0CD9 - Cassie Perlmutter.png

"She listens then acts, is smart and perspicacious,

and she tells it like it is."

Cassandra Perlmutter

C2320CB8-5184-4FA3-9394-B966B213C059 - Analisa Morris.jpeg

"She is an experienced teacher and brings that unique experience and wealth of knowledge to a community that is always in need of it. Her support is unyielding to both the students and teachers. As a former DPS teacher I have personally experienced her support of the individual and DPS community at larger." 

Analisa Martinez-Morris

"She is an amazing educator, mentor and leader! I have known her for many, many years and I am a better teacher because of her. We need a veteran teacher who knows the challenges and obstacles teachers face daily and how difficult our profession is. She did not want to leave teaching after 33  years but felt that it was crucial to have a teacher on the board and I fully agree. She has dedicated her life to students and I know this first hand from traveling with her for seven years and seeing how travel changed students' perceptions about themselves and their future..."

Sarah Kennedy

DBCFBEB8-5556-46E7-81CF-CCE797C7349A - Sarah Kennedy.jpeg
2B683D2E-FD94-44CC-AFDA-C18F46F904EA - Mia Furtado.jpeg

"I am supporting Carrie because she taught for over 30 years in the classroom and knows education reality and doesn't preach education theory. She knows what's best for students and puts them first. She has taken bold stances on issues impacting our most underserved and marginalized students and has not been afraid to speak and act out in support."

Mia Furtado

"Denver Public Schools needs a leader like Carrie because she is a former teacher and she will listen to students, teachers, and community members who experience first hand the changes that will be put into effect."

DPS Alumni Alvaro Marquez Gandara

Former Student of Dr. Olson

65300CFA-C7EB-45B2-80A8-2962C805209D - Alvaro Marquez Gandara.jpeg

"Dr. Olson has been and continues to be focused on what students and the community's needs are. She gives everyone a seat at the table and lets their voices be heard. She has the experience and vision that we need on the board.  "

DPS Alumni

Karina Marquez Gandara and Nicolina Ursetta

Former Students of Dr. Olson

"Carrie Olson is the option that not only District 3 can have, but that the Board of Education needs! We have seen the fantastic work she has done as Director and President of the Board. I am thrilled to endorse someone who can speak my native language. She is what Spanish-speaking communities need and deserve. Yo estoy con la Doctora Carrie Olson y espero que tú tambien."

Jorge Hernandez Arjona

Lauren Plomer_Headshots for all_DEN_1622 - Lauren Plomer.jpg

"I am supporting Carrie for the Denver Board because she is unyielding in her dedication to the students, staff and community of Denver schools. She was a mentor of mine as I learned how to become a teacher during a pandemic. During this time, I saw her constantly problem-solving, and coming up with creative solutions to each new challenge that came her way."

Lauren Plomer

First Year Teacher- Former Student of Dr. Olson

"Dr. Carrie Olson embodies the love and dedication of the educator we all aspire to lead our scholar's classroom. In the past four years, Dr. Olson has demonstrated the value of having an educator's voice on the school board in her commitment to co-governance with teachers, students, and families alike. I trust Dr. Olson will continue to catalyze structural change in DPS to ensure our policymaking process is accessible for all stakeholders and amplifies our voices."

Vanessa Quintana


 "Carrie has been a thought partner and leader who brings people into the fold. She is always looking to harness positive attributes in students, teachers, parents and community partners. She is humble and appreciative of collaborations and not afraid of inclusive community process planning to move the District in the right direction
building trust."

Alise Kermisch

"As an experienced educator, leader and champion of all DPS students, Dr. Olson has my enthusiastic support. Her experience will be essential with the transition to a new superintendent."

C.L. Harmer

"Carrie is a strong supporter of community based neighborhood schools. I support Carrie in that effort and look forward to working with her to making sure every neighborhood has great schools their community can be proud to call their own. Carrie implores a collaborative leadership style on Denver’s Board of Education that has led to the a reversal of many of the privatization actions implemented under the Bennet/Boasberg/Cordova tenure. There is more work to be done.

Carrie is always available to engage in the difficult conversations required in order to understand all sides of an issue."

Carol A March

"She is dedicated to helping children learn and become responsible citizens in our society."

Cleo Dioletis

 "Denver Public Schools needs a leader like Carrie because of her passion for education and for her perspective as a former teacher and parent."

Deanne Kapnik

 "Carrie is a leader who prioritizes conversation, deliberation, and working together over politics."

Hayley Breden

"We are facing a "make it or break it" time for Public Education . The DPS needs a leader like Carrie. We need someone who is experienced, smart, and willing to take a stand to see that ALL students benefit from a Public School Education. That is what makes it Public!"

Jane Diamond

"she knows Denver Public Schools from the bottom to the top, understands the needs, and is committed to doing the necessary work."

Kate Williams

"We need an experienced Educator on the Board that knows first hand what our students need. Carrie always puts students first!"

Kim Manning Ursetta

 "Carrie is a leader who successfully leads other leaders towards a common goal, always focusing the work on students. By valuing diverse thoughts and opinions, encouraging careful evaluation of facts and circumstances, and modeling effective, respectful communications,

Dr. Olson successfully leads DPS."

Krista Holtzmann, JD

 "She puts kids at the center of all she does."

Marcia Fulton

"She is committed to ensuring the success of our students, teachers

and entire community. She has incomparable experience as an educator, parent and proven board leader."

Maura Mackintosh

"Is genuinely reflective about how every decision she makes affects all students and understands the Interdependence between all policies that the board endorses."

Nicholas Montoya

"She cares so deeply about the DPS community,

and has decades of experience to prove it!"

Steve Lehman

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